Have a heart – When your time is up, all of your stuff stay.

Winter Betrayal

Rain pounding down, down, down,  

washing through shack after shack  

ripping tent after tent on the ribbon

of the highway as shiny wheels fly by.

  black bag makeshift shelters shudder

  against reeling raging wrecking wind,

  cutting through every skeletal  bone.

soaking blanket home at Pep’s display

shivering betrayal of the body it holds,

a heart,  human, soul so hungry so cold

on muddy cold land outside His Home.

empty promises of feast and warmth,

 communion, heart,  healing wholeness

by  followers purely devoted to self –

full bellies, warm bodies, empty souls

Indemnified against sorrow and grief.

 highway to damnation – fake love

 brutal betrayal in winter so cold.

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