I am my brother’s keeper – a duty of care observed.

It mulls in the mind, calls for attention, debate within self, resolution, peace and conclusion.

Cain and Abel – Am I my brother’s keeper? A story well known. I am my brother’s keeper, it cannot be otherwise I am sure. But – boundaries there must surely be? A duty of care is defined in morality, but also in Law. Jurisprudence has been much informed and directed by morality, but reality reigns as it logically must.

Earth is under pandemic attack – in many respects as in Alien onslaught, where man knows no more what is right and what is wrong. Confusion reigns. Conspiracies too. Families and friends divided on the frontline. To confront or not. To discuss and risk distance and regret. To not address and regret with unbearable weight.

The Law defines duty of care when it comes to factual circumstances demanding me to act – to do something to avoid a foreseeable consequence. Failure is met with sanction. This duty is founded in morality and legal principles of foreseeability – it is not absolute, it has boundaries and should.

To vaccinate against Covid 19 and ever evolving variants or not to – rationality seems no longer rational. I trust the science and my brother might not. Who is right and who is wrong? Man is free to choose, but is he really? Confusion reigns and opinion alienates. A messed up world indeed.

Man has been left with the freedom and ability to decide for himself, not to be manipulated and controlled by a puppeteer. Man must face and accept the consequences of his decision-making and choices.

My brother died on the 3rd of September 2021 following complications after Covid. I believe he had not been vaccinated and had he been subscribing to the school of Invermectin, it may have been the ultimate cause of his organ failure and his demise. I know not, but the possibility lies in head and heart. It is challenging, it is asking, it is real. Should I not have gone head to head with Science v Conspiracy, fact v fiction, brother v brother?

Still – had I made a good case, had I made effort to present such a good case, had I pleaded, had I persuaded……the 3 of September might just have been another beautiful Spring day to enjoy and to dream of still many post-retirement journeys.

Commissio per omissionem…..

One thought on “I am my brother’s keeper – a duty of care observed.

  1. Alles is so verskriklik hartseer en so finaal – mag ons leer om ook hier te aanvaar wat ons nou nie meer kan verander nie.


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