Fruits of content

“I have found my place here and must say I love it, old manWhen I was still small you tied me gently to these sturdy posts and cushioned my trunk so that I could not get hurt. As you can see my happiness transcended into  a strong trunk and I have gained quite a number of good-looking branches. I think I have, sort of, become the envy of the girl next door! She really loves me being so close. We are almost touching leaves! Soon we will be giving you the most delicious pecans.

Remember the words of my young pecan tree during the chat with my trees?

Well guess what? The young pecan has gone nuts! Three of the most beautiful nuts and as happy as can be!! In fact – another one came out of hiding! What a blessing!

The next door neighbour, the pomegranate, was rather modest this season and produced far less pomegranates this time around. But, the mega fruits made up for this! The size and beauty communicates happiness, well-being and fulfillment!

I love my trees. Their presence makes me calm and content. It pleases me to see that they are happy too.

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