Guma Lagoon – Etsha 13

12 to 15 June 2022

Once we took the turn-off to Guma, and despite having lowered the tyre pressure substantially, we soon got stuck in the very deep sandy track!  Car and caravan stuck amidst grazing cattle with no care in the world. Mobile signal close to zero!

Two tracks leading through the small settlement at Etsha13 off the A35 road south from Shakawe. The ‘main’ road is ridden with potholes and approaching drivers seem drunk as they navigate through the potholes!

Luckily Roos got through to Eileen of Drotskys who in turn communicated to Guy of Guma who send Mpho to assist. Simply lower the tyre pressure further to 1.2 bar. Off we went! 13 km of extreme sandy track and through shallow water at a few spots. Dear Ruth transferred to us to guide.

Life is not for us to understand – learned from Karen at reception that Guma brought to them the extremes of Life the day before our arrival – Guy’s mother turned 80 and the grandchildren joined from afar to celebrate. A boat trip on the delta, a heli flight and a birthday dinner in Africa. A special and blessed day. Next morning she was gone. Transported in her sleep to another world. What an indescribable blessing. Our hearts go out to the family.

Guma Lagoon

Here we are.

Guma Lagoon was our recharge – not a lot of activity, but tranquility.

Campsite 5

Lovely dinner on our final night – most succulent lamb, butternut and mash!

Opted to get Tiger to guide us out. At Etsha13 he assisted to inflate the tyres again and we parted. Friendly and caring folk here.

Left on the A35! Wow what an experience awaits!

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