The road to Maun

I always had this picture in my mind of Maun being a sort of Texas town! Needless to say we were anxious to get to the campsite of Island Safaris in Maun!


Leaving Etsha13 the ‘main road’ south was an absolute nightmare up to Gumare!

Well, the rest of the road was not as bad.

Maun is clearly the tourism ‘capital’ of Botswana, where third and first world create an interesting mosaic of African colours and the colour of first world currency.

While the dusty ribbon of the main street offers various products and services on the part of the locals, the centre if town offers the likes of Woolworths, Spar, Clicks and great coffee shops near the airport. The latter being within walking distance from the main road.

The Island Safaris campsite is not anything worth writing about. On the outskirts of Maun and like most other lodges/ campsites are showing the impact of corona. Overseas visitors are starting to come in, but at a trickle. The most disturbing observation following contact with visitors from all-over – Holland, Germany, Slovenia etc. is that overseas tourists avoid South Africa stating only one reason – crime. This is devastating for an already struggling economy.

Back to the campsite – most of the time it has been only us here. Met very friendly couple from Slovenia though.

Lots of birds, minute little squirrels and many watermonitors ( Inguanas). The camp itself is huge and facilities average.

Well, this is it – tomorrow off to Bobeti rivercamp as we start our journey back home.

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